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The worldwide pandemic – COVID-19 has bought the entire world to a standstill. There is uncertainty prevailing around everything, especially for brands. The virus has flipped the businesses upside down. People are practising social distancing and getting used to life without outdoor activity and are confined to masks and sanitizers.


Amidst all the precautions, social distancing is one recommendation that people agree upon and are following it. With all the chaos, the businesses, small or big, needs to follow a few tips to ensure safe and healthy routine for everyone in the organization.

  1. Advise social distancing to all your employees and clients – Inform all your employees and clients about the pandemic, how it is spread and what precautions to be taken. The Government has various fact sheets in the offer that can be printed and put up in your office premises or shared with everyone on mail. Notify all the people at your office premises about the hygiene precautions.
  2. Avoid physical contact with anyone–Avoid physical contacts like a handshake or a hug. The virus spread through physical contact. There are other ways to greet people. Limit physical contact as much as possible.
  3. Incorporate ‘work from home’ facility – if possible, ask your employees to work from home. It is the safest and the most crucial way to stop the virus spread. If things can be materialized online then go ahead with it. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, big companies are also opting for work from home. Find an offsite server host to manage your company’s information and enterprise software, therefore, your employees can work everywhere at any time. To ensure security measures for all your data, ask your employees to use VPN – Virtual Private Network that will prevent the data from hackers.
  4. Include flexible working times – In case, your business requires workforce to come to the office then ensure they have flexible working hours. Ask employees to come in a different shift to avoid crowding at your premises.
  5. Plan online Events– In India, Section 144 prohibits public gatherings. The rule has been imposed on groups of various sizes across the country. Any events may be like that in Temples, musicians, or any other kind of participatory evens can be shifted to online. With the advanced technology, everything can be conducted online that can be attended from the comfort of your own house. Hence, avoiding the huge crowds and gatherings.
  6. Adapt virtual interaction – Instead of meeting one-on-one, go for virtual meetings. Select the platform the best suits your requirement. All the employees or the clients can get on a video conferencing keep each other updated on the work progress.
  7. Say yes to online services, if possible – Try to get things online. There are various retail and restaurants who have gone ‘online only’ model to avoid foot traffic. Even the groceries are delivered to your doorsteps. Brands like BigBasket, Big Bazaar are offering doorstep deliveries for your safety.
  8. Avoid cash handling – It is highly recommended to either reduce or eliminate cash handling. Cash is one such element that has travelled across and been through so many hands. So, to avoid the virus, better use online transactions and wallet payments.
  9. Serve one at a time – Follow social distancing with clients as well. Attend your client one at a time or de-route them to different departments where their queries can be sorted it out.

Some of your business can adapt these tips and some may not. But social distancing is one major step that needs to be incorporated by each one of us to stop this worldwide pandemic.


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