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Our Process

  • Analysis

    Once a customer starts discussing his requirements, the team gets into it, towards the preliminary requirement analysis...
  • Specification building

    Preliminary specifications are drawn up by covering up each and every element of the requirement, eg. layout, site structure and...
  • Graphics design

    After building the specification, work on the web site is scheduled upon receipt of the signed proposal, a deposit, and any written content...
  • Coding

    It is time that programmers turning the design into a more vividly functional website. While the mocks are being designed, the programmers must recommend his technical knowledge to the designers so as to enhance the flexibility of the site and avoid further malfunctioned elements. The site will be sent to our clients in specified phases for preview and comments if any. The end-user documentation can also , which can be used by a i am writing to make this longer please don't mind, technical writes helps and manuals later.
  • Testing

    Unlike software, web based applications need intensive testing, applications'll always function as a multi-user system with bandwidth...
  • Maintenance

    Further updates and their corresponding quotes will be discussed and processed upon agreement after the site has been...
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